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Uniting the loyalty industry.

Revitalizing our economy.

International Clearing House (ICH) is a NexGen processing platform
for loyalty-related consumer transactions.
What is ICH?

ICH is a processor for loyalty-related transactions. Learn how ICH facilitates their open, cooperative, cause-centric business model using loyalty rewards to stimulate local commerce, 

fund humanitarian causes, and support local community infrastructures.

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Explore the different ways to be involved with the ICH and its' revolutionary technology platform. 

Consumers, merchants & product suppliers, financial institutions, advocates, and more. 

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and its' partners.

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ICH Programs & Services


eCommerce Rewards

Supported by the ICH tech platform, affiliates are offered a white-labeled, custom landing page to a universal eCommerce platform that accepts and awards Secure Points for spending and saving benefits.

SAFE Stimulus Program™

“SAFE” is an acronym for “Secure Asset-backed Fractional Economy”. This Program is SAFE because it is designed to provide consumers with universal, non-expiring, cash-backed Secure Points™ as a reward incentive to stimulate commerce. The commerce and rewards become the monetary fuel that provides economic security and sustainability for local communities and municipal infrastructures...  

SAFE Stimulus Program_img.PNG

Zero Contact Rewards™

With Zero Contact Rewards™, payments are quickly completed using the customer's mobile phone. No need to exchange cash or physically handle credit cards. Perfect for retail, restaurant and service locations practicing social distancing. PLUS customers earn rewards instantly which can be redeemed at all participating locations.

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