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About the Company

About the Company 

International Clearinghouse, Inc. (ICH), a Nevada corporation, was established in March 2019 by Source, Inc. (Source), a California-based fintech innovator, as a standalone, next generation, cloud-based processor of loyalty-related transactions.


ICH is a B2B loyalty solutions processor focused on the collection and processing of loyalty rewards (miles, points, tokens, etc.) from a wide variety of participating consumer loyalty programs.


Throughout 2019, Source negotiated with its long-term strategic partner, Meta Financial Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: CASH), commonly known as “MetaBank” to provide initial capitalization for ICH. MetaBank is a publicly held, multi-billion-dollar leader in gift and debit card issuance around the world. MetaBank is a South Dakota-based financial holding company. They are highly respected and currently working with the Federal government to issue millions of the Economic Impact Payment (EIP) Cards.

ICH Leadership 

ICH Leadership
Richard G. Stewart, Jr. - President/CEO

In 1977, Mr. Stewart purchased the Pacific Coast Stock Exchange building in downtown Los Angeles and created the first trust deed participation (fractional ownership) on the building to raise money for its' redevelopment. Early in his career, he got involved in the development and restoration of residential properties and served as General Partner/President of Stewart-Thomas, Inc. which purchased, developed, and operated several resorts and country clubs. Mr. Stewart created a reciprocal relationship agreement between these resorts and two dozen other resorts and later, his “reciprocal rights to use” model grew into the billion-dollar timeshare industry. Shortly after, he established the first Membership Guarantee Program backed by US Government Bonds to protect membership purchases with added loyalty and benefits.


Currently, Mr. Stewart's passion involves taking past experience  and industry knowledge to lead the development of a nexgen technology platform to facilitate an open, cooperative, cause-centric business model that using loyalty rewards to stimulate local commerce, to help fund humanitarian causes and to connect and support local community infrastructures as they grow and transition to ecofriendly smart cities of the future. Mr. Stewart holds a Ph.D. in Adaptive Science Economics with an educational emphasis in Business and Economics.


ICH Board of Directors

The officers and voting members on the Board of Directors represent a diverse set of financial institution and loyalty industry voices to oversee the governance and administration of ICH. The Board strives to be an advocate for the industry, providing guidance and addressing matters of strategic significance to ICH.

The Board of Directors:

  • Richard G. Stewart, Jr., Chief Executive Officer, Source, Inc. and Help Worldwide, Inc. 

  • Kevin Rishell, Head of Legal and Contracts, Source, Inc. 

  • Jeremy Kuiper, Senior Vice President and Head of META Ventures, MetaBank

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