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Our Partners

   Source is a fintech innovator and holding company with a 20+ year track record of marketing and     managing software solutions for the loyalty rewards industry. 
  • Through mergers, acquisitions, strategic partnerships and start-ups, Source has aggregated and incubated numerous companies and service providers in the loyalty space.
  • In 2008, after successfully defending its loyalty-related patents and intellectual property, Source established a sister company called, “HELP Worldwide” as a marketing and management front-facing brand.
  •  In 2019, Source established the International Clearinghouse, Inc. to take over Source’s processing technology responsibilities and day-to-day business activities. 
  • Source, in its role as a holding company, now manages its portfolio of companies and assets and sets the strategic goals downstream to its subsidiaries and Affiliate companies.
Help WW
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   Formed in 2008 as a marketing and management company, HELP Worldwide was created as a public-       facing loyalty brand to make the world a better place for humanity. 

  •  Its focus was to empower the unbanked and underbanked community, local commerce, and to help       nonprofit organizations achieve their humanitarian goals. 

  • Its partner company, Source, Inc. developed and managed the backend technology platform that supported HELP’s “LoyaltyShare” network of members and merchant partners.  HELP is an anacronym for Humanitarian Empowerment Loyalty Platform. 

  • Its mission was to support local merchants and consumers using a fractional ownership and revenue sharing business model in a partnership-style ecosystem. 

  • The vision remains the same, but HELP has passed that baton to WeSave, Inc., a new company established in 2021 to be the front-facing brand and shopping portal for the WeSave network. 

  • HELP is now a behind-the-scenes manager that supports Source’s subsidiaries, Affiliate companies and assets. 

  • One such asset is the HELP Worldwide Foundation, a seasoned 501(c)3 non-profit organization that takes the money donated from consumer purchases in WeSave’s ecosystem and grants them to other charities and humanitarian causes

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  Founded in 2021, WeSave is a fintech focused, value adding business aggregator with a technology            platform like Airbnb Uber and Yelp that focuses on and supports local merchants and their customers      with a unique economic system and financial model that strives to add value, ownership, and revenue      sharing to its members, merchant partners, investors, and local communities.

  • WeSave delivers weCommerce™ merchant services, loyalty clearing house tracking, shipping, tax, and inventory management results by utilizing leading edge Software as a Service (SaaS) and Banking as a Service (BaaS) solutions through a single shared technology platform and ecosystem merchants can plug into.

  • WeSave offers preferred stock and a prorated share of dividends to our Premier Members and merchant partners. 

  • WeSave aggregates small mom ‘n’ pop merchants into a coalition by providing this novel “equity as a reward” loyalty program. 

  • It differentiates us from our competitors and has the potential to be an industry disruptor just like how Airbnb Uber and Yelp did to their respective industries.

  • WeSave is committed to providing an innovative mesh of products and services for our customers, merchants, business owners, and municipal partners to help support their growth, profitability, and longevity during these uncertain economic times.

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  Pathward, a leader in the pre-paid debit and bankcard issuing world and a multi-billion-dollar, public              company, formerly known as MetaBank, has signed an exclusive agreement with WeSave to provide a            loyalty program for their 25,000+ tax preparation firms with 2-3 million taxpayer clients, that historically        represent about $6 billion dollars in potential consumer spend.  

  • Pathward also agreed to add WeSave's loyalty program to all its existing debit card customers (where Pathward acts internally in the role of a Program Manager, and to introduce WeSave to Pathward's third-party Program Managers (like "Blackhawk" and "NetSpend") who can offer the WeSave loyalty program to their registered cardholders who represent millions of prospective customers with billions more of potential spend.

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