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ICH Platform

 a NexGen central processing platform for international loyalty transactions

What is ICH?

The ICH refers to the technology platform that processes loyalty-related transactions. Operating similarly to bank card processors such as First Data, the ICH provides processing services to businesses and merchants in the HELP Network™ that are offering Secure Points™ through their loyalty programs.  As a processor, the ICH is PCI compliant and is operationally subject to OCC guidelines.  It incorporates a business-to-business model with no direct relationship with consumers.  


ICH Processing Services:

  • accept and manage loyalty data from participating member purchase transactions 

  • govern the reciprocal business rules of the HELP Network™ as they pertain to the registered members and merchants 

  • facilitate the exchange, accounting, and depository management of Secure Points™ (and in the future will convert the economic power of existing miles, points, etc. into Secure Points® for universal use and application)

  • track the transfer and use of the Secure Points™ at the user level; and

  • will customize (when necessary), reconcile, fractionalize, and disburse all net profits it receives from merchants through a proprietary Revenue Distribution Engine™ (“RDE”) to consumers, charities, and municipal partners in each community

What is ICH?
Platform Modules

Platform Modules

1. Clearinghouse Operating Repository (COR) – Refers to the relational and accounting database which aggregates, processes, reconciles, and manages credits/debits of captured loyalty-related purchase transactions from members and merchants in the HELP Network. In other words, it tracks and connects all parties related to a transaction that involves loyalty rewards.

2. The Universal Points Exchange is a technology module being built for future use. It is attached to the ICH platform to manage the exchange/conversion of various rewards. Digital discounts, points, miles, coupons and other reward “currencies” that have not expired from their legacy closed-loop loyalty programs will be able to be filtered through this exchange module and converted to Secure Points with a common denominated cash-backed value.

3. SAFE Account Settlement Gateway – The SAFE Account is an omnibus trust account which stores the cash value of the Secure Points on behalf of the consumer and merchants that hold them. Those dollars are placed into individual digital wallets (sub-accounts) within the main SAFE Account repository. The SAFE Account holds the liquid value of each user’s Secure Points. The value is securely stored for access and use by the Account Owner in accordance with the ICH business rules. The SAFE Account functions like a checkbook by providing secure, credentialled access and control to all participants through digital sub-wallet accounts.

4. Revenue Distribution Engine (RDE) – The RDE connects to the COR which oversees the parties involved in each individual consumer transaction. From the merchant or affinity group that enrolls a consumer in the HELP Network to the ISO group that registers and sets up the merchants, the RDE governs the proprietary distribution of revenues. It collects a pre-agreed promotion portion of the merchant’s wholesale to retail profits and distributes them fractionally as a percentage of the whole amount to all participating stakeholders.

Programs & Services

Programs & Services

ICH offers clients many ICH-connected programs and services. All transactions are tracked and store in the Clearinghouse Operating Repository (COR):

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