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The WeSave Program

A Partnership Economy

About the Program

About the Program

ICH has teamed up with to provide an unprecedented loyalty program based on fractional ownership and revenue sharing that is designed to create a loyal and supportive relationship between consumers, merchants, and the community they live in using a new partnership economy model that incorporates preferred stock ownership with a dividend pool funded by WeSave from a percentage of every consumer purchase transaction.  So, when anyone joins WeSave or makes a purchase, every stakeholder benefits.  


Here is a breakdown of the benefits for our consumers and merchants:

Summary of WeSave Consumer Benefits

  • Fractional ownership in WeSave, Inc.

  • 2% Cashback rewards on qualifying purchases

  • 1% Residual referral income on referred friends' purchases

  • Competitive prices on named brand merchandise

  • Gift cards & digital wallet

  • Buy online, pick-up in-store or same day delivery

  • Portion of sales support charitable and humanitarian causes

  • Support local mom 'n' pop retail stores in your community


Summary of WeSave Merchant Benefits

  • Preferred stock ownership (equity position) & a pro-rata share of preferred stock dividends 

  • Customizable online storefront for increased visibility to expand merchant market reach, and penetration of the consumer pool

  • Push Marketing - The promotion and driving of customers to participating merchants

  • Plug 'n' play loyalty program giving your customers 2% Cashback Rewards on their purchases

  • 1% referral compensation when your customers shop at other WeSave merchants

  • Other Software as a Service (SaaS) and Banking as a Service (BaaS) solutions such as sales tax collection and remittance, shipping options, inventory, etc.

  • Merchant access to a broader scope of consumer data for more and better target marketing

  • The help and support of charitable and humanitarian needs

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