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eCommerce Rewards

A white-labeled, custom eCommerce solution for loyalty programs
to offer discounts and cash-backed digital rewards to their consumers
eCommerce Platform

eCommerce Platform

Supported by the ICH tech platform, affiliates are offered a white-labeled, custom landing page to a universal eCommerce platform that accepts and awards Secure Points for spending and saving benefits.

Secure Points

Secure Points

We are encouraging commerce by empowering merchants and consumers in our cooperative open network with non-expiring, universal cash-backed rewards called, “Secure Points™”.  They are called Secure Points™ because they have real quantitative and qualitative value.  Every Secure Point™ earned by a consumer from a merchant in our open, reciprocal cooperative “HELP Network™” is backed by cash held in a special omnibus trust SAFE Account in a Tier 1 bank.  Secure Points™ are spendable at all participating merchants and can be applied to discount or pay for products and services.  Secure Points™ are the ultimate merchant incentive to stimulate consumer spending and commerce in a community.  To summarize, consumer members can:


  • Earn or be awarded Secure Points™

  • Use Secure Points™ to purchase or pay down the price of goods and services through eCommerce portals and at participating brick-and-mortar POS merchants

  • Use Secure Points™ to fund their digital wallets and spend their funds through their mobile app in the unattended retail space (e.g. vending machines, laundry, arcades, etc.), and as a safe, zero touch solution at POS merchants

  • Send Secure Points™ to friends and family through peer-to-peer transfers

  • (Phase Two) Convert accrued loyalty rewards from other “closed” loyalty programs (e.g. points, miles, coupons) into Secure Points™ for immediate spending power in the open HELP Network™

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