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ICH is a centralized cloud-based processing platform providing Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions and reporting services for payment cards, eCommerce, and loyalty reward programs.

The platform tracks, matches, calculates, fractionalizes, and distributes a percentage of the revenues it processes to applicable participants in accordance with the rules of the loyalty program it is processing for.  Through an API interface with a client, it provides real time or near time transactional reporting and settlement and posts them to the clients/customers' dashboard.  


In many ways the platform's proprietary Revenue Distribution Engine (RDE) mirrors the successful MC/Visa compensation model for merchant acquirers and card issuers but goes beyond that to reward customers and their communities as well.  It is fully customizable to almost any loyalty program's business requirements.  

Secure Points

ICH's first client is WeSave, Inc.  WeSave is the first Multi-Vendor  weCommerce™ platform fractionally owned by its sellers & customers.


By integrating ICH's backend processing platform with WeSave's front facing shopping portal, together we can:

  • Offer weConnect™ technology that is a cutting-edge solution that provides a parallel, standalone access portal that plugs retail mom 'n' pop merchants and home-based businesses into the WeSave marketplace giving them all the tools they need to facilitate online marketing and sales.​

  • Provide a back-up online sales channel; a lifeline local retail merchants can operate from their home or other location in order for them to be able to advertise and sell in the digital marketplace and provide their families.


  • Harnesses large, scalable networks of users who join and have the potential to benefit through our cooperative business model. WeSave users interact, transact, and get rewarded. 


  • Utilize our robust loyalty transaction tracking and processing technology, to track, match, reward and report every transaction made within the WeSave ecosystem.

  • Leverage our proprietary algorithm to calculate revenue distribution to all stakeholders.

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