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Our Leadership

Richard G Stewart Jr.
Founder & Chairman

A lifelong entrepreneur, successful business owner, real estate developer, educator and investor. Richard has always created win-win opportunities for his partners by creatively adding value to under-utilized assets.​

Creating value and profits on the money you spend:​

  • Gold deal, collecting appreciating assets​

  • Program to take monthly expense money and invest it​

Fractional ownership deals since the 1970’s​

  • Partnerships with Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV)​

  • Pacific Coast Stock Exchange - fractional first trust deed ownership (TrudyPat) in historical landmark (interest + equity kicker)​

  • Raised $300 million dollars to fund multiple land development projects by giving fractional interest in the first trust deeds​

  • Created the first “rights to use” reciprocal membership program with other resorts that added value to existing assets and eventually grew into the multi-billion dollar timeshare industry ​

  • Membership Guarantee program for 4,000-acre Ahwahnee Estates and Country Club Resort (Adds Benefits Package)​

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Brad Hanson

CEO & Director

As a result of the relationship with MetaBank, Richard became friends with its CEO at the time, Brad Hanson.  Mr. Hanson, a Who’s Who in the fintech industry, believes so strongly in Richard and our vision that when he retired from his operational roles with MetaBank in 2021, he became the CEO of both WeSave and  ICH to help us execute on our plan.  ​

Brad has trusted relationships with most of the major players in the banking, processing and fintech space.

Mr. Hanson currently serves on the Board of Directors and as CEO of Bankaool, the first 100% digital bank in Mexico.   ​

With more than 25 years of experience in banking, payment cards, and financial technology and a passion for helping the unbanked and underbanked community, Mr. Hanson has been widely recognized for the founding role he played in the development and establishment of the prepaid and debit card industries that has added tremendous value to the unbanked and underbanked population. ​

Mr. Hanson joined Meta Financial in May 2004 where he founded the Meta Payment Systems division.  After serving as the President of MetaBank and the Meta Payment Systems division, Mr. Hanson was appointed Chief Executive Officer in October 2018.  ​

Mr. Hanson is successfully navigated taking MetaBank from a small regional bank to a multi-billion-dollar global leader in the pre-paid/debit card issuing and processing space.  ​

As a result, the U.S. Treasury’s Financial Agent for the U.S. Debit Card program tasked MetaBank as the leading issuer of the EIP/Stimulus Debit Cards during the COVID-19 pandemic.  In 2022 MetaBank sold its brand and has rebranded its name to "Pathward".

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