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Merchant Affiliate Announcement

Santa Clarita, CA., August XX, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- On March 31, 2020, Source, Inc. (Source®) and PayRange, Inc. signed a cross marketing and revenue sharing agreement that allows PayRange’s customer base access to the International Clearinghouse’s Secure Points™ rewards program to help incentivize additional consumer spend.

With more than 3 million+ consumers and growing, PayRange is a leading presence in the unattended retail space driving consumer engagement within laundry, vending, vehicle services, kiosks, entertainment, and other industries. The PayRange network of over 2 million vending machines has endpoints that are typically small-ticket, everyday purchases and essential services, which consumers need on a frequent basis.

The PayRange mobile app provides consumers with a digital wallet payment option that allows for additional flexibility, security, and convenience. PayRange aggregates micro-payments from users who prefund their PayRange wallet and then use it on a variety of machines. It is more convenient and faster for the user and reduces transaction costs for the vending operator.

According to a July 22nd article from, “Location closures, safety concerns and inconvenient new protocols aren’t the only issues complicating life for vending and amusement machine operators during the coronavirus pandemic.

The article went on to say, “A nationwide coin shortage caused by consumer hoarding and restricted activity by the U.S. Mint has brought additional burdens, as well as some benefits. The shortage has made it difficult for some operators to provide change customers expect, while others believe it has exacerbated the consumer’s adoption of cashless payment, a change most operators welcome due to the cost of handling cash.”

PayRange’s digital wallet solution for the unattended retail spce is now more important than ever before and PayRange has agreed to give us the first right to provide our loyalty program to any of their customers, clients and operators interested in adding a Secure Points reward system to their product offerings.

About PayRange:

PayRange was founded by Paresh Patel, an unattended retail veteran, to provide operators and consumers with a simple and secure mobile payment, selection and loyalty solution for laundry, vending, amusement, and other small ticket merchants. PayRange is the North American leader in mobile payments for unattended retail, with over 3 million users and a network of machines throughout 350 cities and towns in the US and Canada. Find out more at

About International Clearinghouse, Inc.

International Clearinghouse, Inc. ("ICH") is a B2B loyalty solutions processor focused on incentivizing consumer spend through a universal, cash-backed Secure Points™ rewards system. In the near future, ICH will collect and convert disparate loyalty rewards (miles, points, tokens, etc.) from a wide variety of participating consumer loyalty programs into Secure Points™ for use in a cooperative, reciprocal merchant network.

About Source, Inc.

Source, Inc. is a privately-held fintech innovator and loyalty marketing firm with a mission to bring NexGen technologies and digital rewards to all consumers and to facilitate the transformation of commerce through a universal, cooperative commerce ecosystem and business model that aggregates and manages loyalty programs and provides digital reward incentives to consumers.

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