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A safer way to pay and easier way to earn.

Zero Contact Rewards

With the CDC issuing mandates to protect the public’s health, merchants are changing the way they do business. Customers are adapting to these new procedures and using more mobile applications when they go shopping and when they go out to eat at a restaurant.  Whether we want it or not, the way we do commerce is changing and each business will adapt based on the guidelines that apply to them.  

As our HELP Advocates enroll merchants into the HELP Network, they will offer merchants a new way to collect payments with a safe and secure touchless mobile device system that is convenient and user friendly. 

This system complies with CDC guidelines, flows through a private payment gateway, collects and distributes the consumer spend to all relevant parties, including rewards back to the consumer. It collects the consumer’s phone number and email which provides the merchant and HELP with valuable CRM data and opportunities.

Zero Contact Rewards
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