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The HELP Network™ includes online/eCommerce businesses, traditional brick-and-mortar storefronts, and unattended retail locations. In all cases, the goal is for Members to receive competitive pricing on quality products and a rewards percentage back in spendable Secure Points™ whenever a purchase is made at a participating location.

Secure Points™ are like having a “store credit” in their wallet except they can redeem the value of the Secure Points™ anywhere, not just at the merchant where they earned them, but at all participating merchants, because they have a stable universal value.  This ease of use and exchange is a major benefit and game changer in the loyalty space.  

Member Dashboard_img.png

Members can:

  • Earn or be awarded Secure Points®

  • Use Secure Points™ to purchase or pay down the price of goods and services through eCommerce portals and at participating brick-and-mortar POS merchants

  • Use Secure Points™ to fund their digital wallets and spend their funds through their mobile app in the unattended retail space (e.g. vending machines, laundry, arcades, etc.), and as a safe, zero contact solution at POS merchants

  • Send Secure Points™ to friends and family through peer-to-peer transfers

  • (Phase Two) Convert accrued loyalty rewards from other “closed” programs (e.g. points, miles, coupons) into Secure Points® for immediate spending power in the open HELP Network™

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